207, 2021

Skip A Pay

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This Summer we’re offering something a little extra. We’ve decided to add another Skip-A-Pay special in addition to our normal Winter promotion. In an effort to give back to our members and assist with financial hardship, we thought this was a great choice.  Applying for the Skip-A-Payment promotion is easy and can be completed online  or in person. Once approved, you may skip your August loan payment for personal loans, auto loans, and more. One of the best parts of Skip-A-Pay is that it doesn’t negatively impact your credit. While interest does continue to accrue daily, you don’t have to worry about any negative impacts that skipping the loan could have on your credit. Skipping your payment allows for you to have some extra money for the month to spend however you see fit. The best part of the promotion is that we only charge a one [...]

2605, 2021

Zelle Launch Party

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Join us for our Zelle Launch Party!  The Syracuse Fire Department Federal Credit Union is proud to announce that we have partnered with Zelle! Send and receive money, fast and free.  Send cash to people you know and trust! Need to send your co-worker cash for picking up your lunch? Send them cash instantly through Zelle for instance!  Find Zelle within our online banking platform and mobile app. You can now send money easily and instantly with your Credit Union account! The best part - it's FREE!  That's right, no fees, no charges, all free! How to signup! Signing up for Zelle is easy. Log into online banking or our app and under “Pay Bills” select “Send Money with Zelle.” Don't have a Zelle account yet? Click signup.  Otherwise, click sign in with your existing Zelle account.  Do a few verifications steps and then [...]

1405, 2021

Take control of your debit card with CardNav

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Take control of your debit card with CardNav.  CardNav is a free app offered through the Credit Union to help give you more control over your debit card. From managing your spending, to setting up debit card alerts, to turning your card off; CardNav has everything you would need to keep your debit card secure.  Our favorite feature of CardNav is that it allows you to turn your debit card on or off instantly. Whether you lost your card or feel more comfortable having it turned off until you are ready to use it, we cannot say enough how much we use this feature!  We also love CardNav for its ability to help manage spending. You can set up daily or monthly spending limits if you are trying to have better control over your spending. It is also possible to set up an alert when your [...]

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