Is 0% Financing The Best Deal?

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Financing options for the purchase of your new vehicle can be overwhelming. What interest rate do I qualify for? What terms are available for that interest rate? Can I afford that monthly payment? There are so many things to consider. Auto dealers can sometimes offer 0% Financing. What is better than 0%, right? There are a few things to consider with 0%: Most of these loans are short-term This option is not always given on all car models, making you settle for less of a car than you wanted You can have that 0% interest rate, but you must sacrifice the rebates Your credit history matters. Only customers with the very best may qualify Many times, 0% have hidden application or prepayment fees which further reduces savings Let’s look at an example of an offer: Purchase Price @ $23,000 Option 1 - financing with [...]

A New Look ūüĎÄ for 2020!

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Have you heard the news?¬†We are¬†renovating!¬† It‚Äôs¬†true‚ĶWe are¬†renovating our building to better serve our members. When we moved into this space many years ago, we only hoped that¬†we would¬†continue to grow and meet the needs of our members.¬†Thanks to¬†you, we have¬†grown,¬†and parts of our building need¬†some¬†updates.¬†We thought¬†we‚Äôd¬†take this opportunity to also¬†spruce¬†up¬†and¬†modernize our building and services¬†to better assist you! Our construction¬†plan¬†brings¬†copious¬†physical changes to¬†our¬†building.¬†Sleek¬†flooring and¬†warm¬†walls, contemporary offices,¬†efficient¬†teller pods,¬†and an upgraded coffee station to fuel our members on the go. A state-of-the-art conference room for mortgage closings and meetings will make for a¬†wonderful¬†space for gatherings.¬†We are¬†also¬†overhauling our bathrooms¬†and HVAC system to help keep our members comfortable.¬†New offices will feature frosted glass for privacy while still¬†allowing light¬†to¬†shine through. Wondering how these changes¬†benefit¬†you?¬†With a¬†pleasant¬†atmosphere, added privacy, and streamlined services ‚Äď we can bet your next visit will be¬†smooth. In the meantime, we ask for¬†your¬†patience. The process is [...]