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Financial Education Corner


Are you a current Fire Fighter or Syracuse Police officer looking to navigate through your options?

Our Financial Education Corner is a place for members to learn more about their options. From life insurance inquiries, to Estate Planning, Deferred Compensation, and more; we’re here to show you the way.

financial education corner 

City of Syracuse Life Insurance

All active and retired Syracuse Fire Fighters have some level of insurance provided by the City of Syracuse as a benefit of being a Fire Fighter. Coverage is based on age.

Inquires may be sent to Roxane Bowering.

Estate Planning

We suggest contacting Koldin Law Center P.C. in Syracuse, N.Y. for all of your Estate Planning needs. Their services cover a range of topics including basic estate planning, trust planning, medicaid planning and applications, planning for individuals with disabilities, and probate and estate administration. See some examples of questions below from their website.

“What is a Family Trust?

A Family Trust is a plan developed by you to have the assets you want to protect held in an irrevocable trust for your benefit during your lifetime. The Family Trust also provides for the distribution of the assets upon your death.

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a government funded program based upon financial need. To be eligible, a person must not exceed the income or assets criteria set by federal or state law

The cost of nursing home care may now exceed $10,000 a month. Who pays this bill?

If you have planned in advance with a properly designed Family Trust, your trust assets will be protected and you will be eligible for Medicaid. Once your assets outside of the Trust have met Medicaid’s financial eligibility requirements, you will be eligible for Medicaid.

Otherwise, most of your life savings and assets will have to be used to pay for your care.”

Contact Koldin Law Center, P.C.

6661 Kirkville Road
P.O. Box 279
East Syracuse, NY 13057

Phone: 315-314-3205
Fax: (315) 463-6512.

Financial Planning

The Credit Union partners with Michael Fasulo, financial professional at Equitable Advisors in Syracuse. Michael has over fifteen years of experience in assisting members with financial and insurance needs. He specializes in life, disability, and long term care insurance planning as well as retirement planning, college funding, and general investing. Mike is always happy to meet Credit Union members at a time that is convenient for them, including at the Credit Union!

Contact Michael Fasulo

100 Madison Street,

Syracuse, N.Y. 13202

Phone: (315) 425-6383

Mobile: (315) 263-8784


Deferred Compensation

Deferred compensation is optional for Fire Fighters and Police, but is a tax-deferred savings plan. This means you can contribute funds to it now and have access to those funds as soon as you retire, no waiting!

NYS Deferred compensation is a State-sponsored employee benefit for State employees and employees of participating employers. Did you know that you can log in to view your balance? Learn more on their website here.

NYS Deferred Compensation Plan

Police and Fire Life Insurance

The Police and Firemans Insurance Association offers a variety of voluntary coverage such as Accident, Cancer, Whole Life, and more. They also offer other benefits such as scholarships programs and orphan’s income benefits.

Please send inquiries to Jim Ennis.

Police and Fireman’s Insurance Association


Local 280 Union

Visit the Local 280 website for your Union related questions!

Physical Address

211 Wilkinson Street

Syracuse, N.Y. 13204

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 11161

Syracuse, N.Y. 13218


Local 280 Union

Syracuse Police Benevolent Assoc.

Visit the Syracuse PBA website to see pay scales, health plans, peer support, and more!

President: Joseph Moran

Treasurer: Brent Potts 

Syracuse PBA

NYS Retirement - Police and Fire

Learn more about your Police and Fire Retirement system through the Office of New York State Comptroller. View your retirement balance, change beneficiaries, and more.

PFRS Website

NYS Retirement - DPW & Other

Learn more about your Police and Fire Retirement system through the Office of New York State Comptroller. View your retirement balance, change beneficiaries, and more.



Learn more about the NYSPFFA and their member benefits! Did you know that the NYSPFFA offers products and services ranging from MetLife Beneficary Grief Counseling, insurance programs including dental and cancer, and consultations at no cost to members inlcuding mediation, NYS Police and Fire pensions, and more?