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Credit Sense

Understand your credit score and learn how to improve it for the future.

Credit Sense

Good things come to those
with good credit!

There’s alot riding on your credit score.  The great news is, this three-digit number doesn’t have to be a secret.  Access your score anytime you need it!

Do you know your credit score?

Do you know what might be lowering your score? Are you sure your credit report is correct?  If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, you need to log into our free online credit score tool through Syracuse Fire Department Credit Union’s online banking.

 SavvyMoney not only gives you a snapshot of your score, it also provides best practices to help you improve your credit for the future!  You can take advantage of:

    View Your Credit Score

    Instantly access your credit score and full credit report directly from SFD Credit Union online and mobile banking.  No additional login is required. ‘Your credit score will not be impacted.’

    Track Your Credit Score

     Review your historical credit score up to 20 months back.  Your credit information is protected with the same powerful encryption and security as the rest of your SFD Credit Union account information to keep your data safe and secure.

    Setup Credit Alerts

    Setup credit alerts and we’ll notify you if there are any changes to your credit profile so you can stay informed.  It’s another way we help you maintain your financial security.

    Learn to Maintain or Improve Your Credit Score

    Access a library of credit related articles to help you better understand – and better manage – your credit score.

    Enroll in Credit Sense through SFD Credit Union’s online or mobile banking today!