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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are the backbone of the Credit Union. 

Syracuse Fire Department Credit Union’s Board of Directors establishes the credit union’s direction by adopting policies that set a strategic direction for the organization and provide overall framework.

Meet The Board

John T. Cowin, Chairman (since 1985)

Charles Boynton, Vice-Chairman (since 2008)

Steven McGraw, Secretary (since 2014)

Michael Monds, Treasurer (since 2012)

Alan VanDonsel, Director (since 2010)

Robert Whitehead, Director (since 2010)

David Munski, Director (since 2009)

Andrea M. Thune, President/CEO (since 2020)

The Board of Directors serves voluntarily on behalf of the members. Our current board consists of active and retired Syracuse Firefighters. Each board member sits on one of our committees such as Supervisory, Nominating, Building, and Asset Liability Management.  Their combined experience gives them the proper knowledge to understand our member’s needs.