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Kid’s Club

Our Kid’s Club is for all members 12 and under.

Our Kid’s Club members receive prizes for making deposits, money for good grades, and have access to special contests and events.

Automatic Transfer

Parents, set up an automatic transfer from your account to your child’s to help them save money. Just call the Credit Union to set one up!

Deposit Logs

Kid Club members can ask for a deposit log when they’re at the Credit Union. They receive one stamp on their log every time they make a deposit. When their deposit log is full, they can bring it in for a special prize! Want to request a new deposit log? Just email and we can set one aside at the Credit Union or mail you one!

Good Grades Program

Have you heard about our Good Grades Program? This program allows our members K-12 to earn money for good grades. Every “A” or 90.0 and above earns the member $2 per year. Members can show us their end of the year report card by bringing it in or emailing it to to receive their payout. Just remember, all classes are eligible, but the member must be in good standing and only end of the year report cards are accepted between 5/1/24 – 7/31/24.

Good Grades Program Flyer 2024

Good Grades Program Flyer 2024


Our Kid’s Club is open for all members ages 12 and under. Members must be in good standing with an active account that is not dormant.