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Mr. Hamilton S. White Brotherhood Award

Mr. Hamilton S. White Brotherhood Award

by | Nov 24, 2020 | EmberNote Blog, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Hamilton White Brotherhood Award nominations are being accepted now. The award has existed since the 1960’s and it seems, many people do not know the story behind the man. The award is bestowed to a citizen that advances the brotherhood of firefighters by his or her unselfish devotion to the cause. Therefore, anyone can nominate someone regardless of their membership with the Credit Union or their affiliate with the Syracuse Fire Department.

The History

Hamilton White was the Third Assistant Chief in the Syracuse Fire Department.  Mr. White was an active firefighter in the 1800s and gave the ultimate sacrifice during the historic Mowry Hotel Fire of 1899. You can read his obituary here.  A monument of White was erected in Firefighters Memorial Park located in Syracuse because of his dedication to the cause. Similarly, we offer the award in honor of Hamilton S. White and his sacrifice.  

Throughout our history, we have issued more than fifty citizens this honor.  Past winners include citizens, firefighters, and even mayors. Some notable winners are current Chief of Fire, Michael Monds, Firefighter Joseph Galloway, H. Thomas Laun, and Syracuse Fire Captain Donald Killian. Their hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed.  We are honored to include them in the history of the Mr. Hamilton S. White Brotherhood Award. 


Nominations are currently open, and we strongly encourage our members to enter the name of someone that they think makes a difference in the community. Nominations can be made here. Nomination deadline is February 5, 2021.