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Ransomware Attack At Credit Unions

Ransomware Attack At Credit Unions

by | Dec 5, 2023 | EmberNote Blog | 0 comments

You may have heard recently that several credit unions are being affected by a ransomware attack on an IT provider they use, according to the NCUA.  I wanted to let our members know that the Syracuse Fire Department Credit Union does NOT use this provider. A ransomware attack is “a type of malicious software, or malware, that prevents you from accessing your computer files, systems, networks, or cell phone” according to the Fraud Prevention Center for

We have taken every precaution we can to make sure this does not happen at our Credit Union.  We have top of the line products in place to monitor such activity. Our staff takes regular training to ensure that they are familiar with the latest ransomware trends and tactics.  Know that cyber security is one of the major concerns for the NCUA and for our credit union. We will continue to keep a close eye on these types of events. We will also stay on top of the technology that keeps your money and information safe.

Please reach out should you have any questions.