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Business Lending Options for Your Needs

Business Lending Options for Your Needs

by | Feb 17, 2023 | EmberNote Blog | 0 comments

Did you know that we offer Business Lending at the Credit Union? We’ve partnered with Credit Union First Responders Finance to provide a variety of business lending needs to our members. Whether you own a food truck, a landscaping company, or do contracting; we’ll try our best to find the best fit for you!

We offer commercial lending term loans for purchasing equipment, financing assets, and helping businesses grow and expand. We have secured and unsecured options, fixed or variable rates, and a variety of terms available.

Another option is commercial mortgage lending. These loans are for purchasing or refinancing commercial real estate, renovating, and even remodeling. There’s no early termination penalties and a variety of terms.

If you’re interested in a commercial real estate secured line of credit, that’s an option too! This option allows for you to tap into the equity of your eligible commercial property, using it as collateral. The best part of this line of credit is that you have simple access to funds.

Credit Union First Responders Finance is a nationwide network of credit unions that provide business and commercial loans. This means that your business stays within a group of Credit Unions that you know and trust.

Get started with your inquiry today by filling out the loan request form on our website. Someone will contact you quickly and help you find the business loan that’s best for your needs!