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College Scholarship Winners

College Scholarship Winners

by | Mar 23, 2023 | EmberNote Blog | 0 comments

We recently announced our college scholarship winners on social media, but we thought the occasion deserved more mentioning! We’ve been awarding scholarships for years, even giving out more than $300,000 to over 200 winners. The Credit Union is proud to offer five scholarships of our own, but did you know that we also facilitate four other scholarships every year? Those scholarships are generously offered by the SFD Local 280, The family of Lee Alexander, The family of Timothy T. Laun, and the Firefighters Cancer Foundation of CNY.

This year, we’ve announced nine winners. The five Credit Union scholarship winners are Caitlyn Smithers, Evan Farewell, Ryan Orr, Naomi Garcia, and Lindsey Goudy. The Hero’s and Angel’s Foundation Scholarship award is by the Firefighters Cancer Foundation of CNY and the recipient this year is Ryan Heath, a family member of a current or retired Syracuse Firefighter. The Lee Alexander Scholarship award is by the the family of Lee Alexander and the recipient this year is Abbey Vaughan, a student from the Syracuse City School District. The Deputy Chief Timothy T. Laun scholarship is by the family of Timothy T. Laun and the recipient is Mackenzie Heise, the relative of a Syracuse Police Officer. Lastly, the Syracuse Firefighters Association Local 280 sponsors a scholarship for a relative of a current or retired Syracuse Firefighter and this year the winner is Samantha Haley.

Remember that college scholarship applications are available to members of the Credit Union who are graduating High School Seniors. We are happy to announce the awards every year and always look forward to this time of the year.