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Take control of your debit card with CardNav

Take control of your debit card with CardNav

by | May 14, 2021 | EmberNote Blog | 0 comments

Take control of your debit card with CardNav.  CardNav is a free app offered through the Credit Union to help give you more control over your debit card. From managing your spending, to setting up debit card alerts, to turning your card off; CardNav has everything you would need to keep your debit card secure. 

Our favorite feature of CardNav is that it allows you to turn your debit card on or off instantly. Whether you lost your card or feel more comfortable having it turned off until you are ready to use it, we cannot say enough how much we use this feature! 

We also love CardNav for its ability to help manage spending. You can set up daily or monthly spending limits if you are trying to have better control over your spending. It is also possible to set up an alert when your balance falls below a certain amount. CardNav also gives you your available balance for the account associated with your debit card and even lets you view your recent transactions. 

Signup for alerts

CardNav allows you to set up alerts for many different types of purchases and these alerts come straight to your phone instantly. Some types of alerts allow you to get a notification for any purchase over a certain amount, or purchases online, or even purchases at retail stores. Some of our favorite restrictions are age-based, such as restricting purchases at casinos and liquor stores, as well as restricting ATM transactions. CardNav is great for restricting your debit card to only work when and where you want it to. 

That is right, CardNav also enables location services to keep an eye on your debit card activity based on your location. If enabled, you can prevent any debit card purchases if your card is more than 5 miles from your location based on your phone’s GPS. You can even add “My Regions” if you frequently visit a location such as Canada or a nearby state. This allows your card to work where you are even when you are not too close to home. You can also use CardNav when traveling abroad, allowing purchases based on your location. 

Download CardNav today

CardNav is free and available for download in the Apple app store and the Google Play Store. Our member service representatives are always available to answer questions and give assistance to members with questions or issues with CardNav. If you are looking for more control over your debit card, then we highly recommend CardNav!